My creative playground

art as an expression of curiosity

Since I can remember I always loved drawing. During university I got caught up in learning everything I could regarding human behaviour. My lifelong hobby started to fall into oblivion. Since I started working full-time I picked up on my hobby. I'm still a little bit rusty but drawing gets more natural the more I practice and the more I overcome frustrations. Showing my art to the public is a way for me to challenge myself. At the same time it is a way to show the world who I am.

I love using different styles, tools and textures. While I prefer modern minimalism in design, illustration gives me an opportunity to fully appreciate a cuter and colourful style.

In 2022, I started doing pixel art for the first time. In January 2023, I created my first line art drawing on a whim.

Line art
pixel art
digital drawing